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Essay writing guide: writing an introduction

How to write an Essay Introduction? How to impress the reader and keep their attention on the custom essay? Does an essay introduction matter to my professor? Shouldn't they be more interested in the essay content? Indeed, an essay introduction is probably the most important part of any essay or term paper since it is the first thing that a professor reads. A poor or boring essay introduction will dissuade the professor from attentive reading and will guarantee a poor grade for the essay.

Essay Introduction organizes the writer's thoughts and tells the reader what the essay is about. It is for this reason an introduction should be succinct, easy to read and smooth flowing. A typical essay introduction starts with a general discussion of the essay topic and ultimately arrives to the thesis statement. A successful introduction that will guarantee attentive reading of the whole essay typically possesses a 'hook', or an attention-grabbing statement, provocative question, quote or fact that stirs up emotions and interest in the mind of a reader and keeps them enthralled till the very conclusion of the essay. The thesis statement, present in introduction, is one or two sentences presenting clearly the writer's argument or point of view that she/he will discuss in the essay.

The essay introduction pinpoints the facts presented in the body of the essay and prepares the reader for a more lengthy description of these facts and statements.

The "hook" is an attention catching element of an introduction that makes the essay look more professional and the reader more attentive. The writer can use the following approaches to create an effective essay "hook".

  • Shocking facts. These facts must be true and well-known. They must be interesting and relevant to the essay. The fact should uphold the point of view or the ideas that the writer strives to express in writing. The shocking facts need to be complemented with several sentences of writer's opinion. The fact that the majority of US teenage girls lose their virginity in the summer time in summer camps certainly provides a rational justification of safe sex propaganda among teenagers especially in the summer period.
  • Startling Presupposition. Unlike shocking facts, startling presupposition is but the writer's imagination. The presupposition should be possible and likely to happen at some point of time. For instance, when speaking about the nonproliferation of nuclear weapons, one can note that only several nukes is enough to create a nuclear winter, a phenomenon where sun light will get completely blocked by the clouds, bringing a nightmare on earth. No one has ever witnessed a nuclear winter, yet the description of it as the writer presupposes, is enough to make many people think about the need to reduce nuclear armament.
  • Joke. Jokes are very useful to start an essay because they are liked by everyone and because they create positive emotions in the heads of readers. The jokes need to be short and memorable. They should relate to the essay content and keep the reader happy and amused till the very conclusion of the essay.
  • Quotes or dialogue. Those can be good openers if used properly. The quotes need to be short, easy to remember and relevant to the overall topic of the custom essay. One should not use more than 2-3 direct quotes in the essay introduction
  • Summary. This part of the essay introduction explains the topic that the essay discusses in greater detail in the body of the essay. The summary results in a thesis statement.
  • The Essay Introduction accurately represents the proverb "A good begun is half done". A well-written essay introduction typically means a good essay body and essay conclusion. professional writers can assist you in preparation of your Custom Essays. Their writing experience allows them to grasp the topic and quickly develop a successful essay, or research paper. Do not procrastinate, order University Custom Essays and Term Papers now!




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