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Using our writing services is committed to top academic standards and strives to make you learning more efficient and more productive. Our academic writing, research and editing services are absolutely LEGAL and permitted by all universities, colleges and other academic institutions if you use our sample papers in the following ways:

  • As a source of additional information (when properly referenced). When doing your research, you use books, articles, websites, and mass media news and sources. Our model papers perfectly fit into the category and serve as useful sources for your research.

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  • As a way to overcome the “writer’s block”. There are times when you simply cannot write for no apparent reason. This lack of inspiration is a sign of a writer’s worst enemy—“the writer’s block”. Luckily, the writer’s block can be easily overcome with a change of activity, with some interesting source of information, or a novelty. Albert Einstein was known to overcome his writing block by reading a material related to his subject, and subsequently paraphrasing, then challenging it, and then only getting his mind in a proper condition to produce one’s own writing. Our quality model papers also come exactly on your topic, providing you with an excellent starting point and a sure solution to your writer’s block.

  • For direct quotations (with a reference). As absolutely any other source you find in the world, our model papers can be quoted, cited, paraphrased and incorporated in your own research followed by a proper reference. Our quality essays and papers, therefore, serve as nicely-packed, all-in-one, condensed sources of information that, you, can personally locate and assemble, after spending countless hours of individual search. Having all the needed information on-hand, presented to you in a readable, user-friendly format, you can use those to write an excellent paper!

  • For acceptable paraphrasing (consult your university’s policy on plagiarism and proper quotations). Just like absolutely any other academic source, our model papers and essays, created exclusively for you, based on your instructions, can be quoted, paraphrased and incorporated in any way in your own essay following the same citation and paraphrasing rules.

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