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How to write essay outline?

How to write an Essay Outline? Why does my professor request an outline for my term paper? Students from different universities ask these questions when they first start writing essays. At some point of time they understand that essay outline is necessary for writing successful essays.

Essay Outline is a piece of formal writing required by many university professors to trace the student's thinking and their ability to organize the essay. Essay Outline is a roadmap or a guide for reading the essay.

A typical essay outline starts with the main Essay Ideas and thoughts. Sub-topics and supportive or argumentative ideas and facts follow the main ideas and thoughts in essay outline. A good example of an essay outline is shown below.

Sample Essay Outline

I. Education feature 1: Traditional Learning.

1) Description:

  • Uses in class instructions, presentations, and live-speaking
  • Is the oldest method of education
  • All universities use it.
  • 2) Effects on the country or nation

  • Provides the on-hands opportunity for learning and ideas building in closed communities.
  • Brings together the brightest students and teaching staff.
  • II. Educational feature 2: Distance Learning.

    1) Description:

  • Quickly growing mean of education around the world.
  • Uses tools that allow education without the need to commute to schools or universities.
  • 2) Effects on the country or nation.

  • Brings bright students and teachers from different parts of the country or the world to work together.
  • Cuts university costs and improves efficiency.
  • III. Educational feature 3: E-learning, m-learning

    1) Description:

  • Allow learning for students without the need to commute or possess a fixed place to study. It employs portable devices, computers and PDAs to facilitate learning.
  • Allows the use of sophisticated learning technology such as streaming video/audio, audio/video conferencing, message/discussion boards, instant messaging tools, etc.
  • 2) Effects on the country or nation.

  • Brings smart students and teaching staff together in virtual classrooms.
  • Allows real-life interaction between professors and students without the need to commute.
  • Helps to bring smart people from all over the world to work on projects of global importance, quickly trespassing international boarders with modern technology.
  • This Essay Outline was just a sample intended for an descriptive essay illustrating different means of modern education. Different types of essays depending on the topic and word limit possess different outlines and different structures. professional writers can assist you in preparation of your Essay Outlines. Their writing experience allows them to grasp the topic and quickly develop a successful essay to cater the needs of every student. Do not procrastinate, order Custom Essays and Term Paper Outlines now!


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